Transplant Part 4

My lungs were supposed to start getting stronger and taking over on their own, but they wouldn’t.


Transplant Part 3

I had to learn to stand again, how to walk again, how to sit down without falling over, how to sit up on my own. It was a grueling process.

Transplant Part 2

We were hopeful that this was not goodbye for good but also knew that this could be the last. Though it was not ever said, you could feel the anxiety and fear in the air. It was thick. It was a mutual moment of not knowing what was going to come next but hoping it would be good.

Late Night Talks

I am not a five-minute conversation that you have while pumping gas nor a passing, “hello, how are you?” in the grocery store. I am a two-hour car ride where you bear life’s burdens. I am an all-nighter on a weekend longing to hear your hopes, dreams, and fears.

Change In The Air

This post is not in any way a means of seeking attention or complaining. If you really know me, you know that I hate both. This post is simply me extending an invitation for you to watch and perhaps help me process life.

Major Health Update

My health is something that I am usually private about on social media but very open about in person. As much as I love everyone and would love to tell everyone in my life all of this in person, it is impossible...

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